Projects & Views

Projects are used to connect transactions from one or more data sources to one view. To make them visible in a certain way, so to speak.

A data source can be an Excel import, an online bank or simply an empty container where you add transactions.

A view, is a specific way to display the available transactions. Finban currently has 4 different views: Dashboard, Kanban, Table and List.

In the Dashboard view, we have gathered a lot of different charts that give you a deeper insight into what is happening with your transactions. You can find more information in our section Charts.

With the Kanban view YOU can get a good overview, but most of all you can create planning transactions to plan your cashflow with different scenarios. the cards you can easily move via drag and drop to see immediately how your cashflow changes. Read more in the Kanban section.

The table view gives you a direct, tabular overview of all categories and transactions. Here you can quickly create, copy and duplicate transactions. (Copy & Paste, Click & Pull). The list view offers you various helper views and filter options to call up actions/views such as matching, categorization or delay.

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